Did you suffer significant losses in your investment account in 2008 or later?

We are currently filing such cases but they must be filed soon. Do NOT wait.

Even if you do not have a case, we can explain why your losses occurred - there is no cost.

If your advisor was or is a friend, be assured we respect that and only name the firm.

Most (90%) of our cases settle favorably for our client before any formal hearing is necessary.

There is no reason not to call us. Besides that, we are nice people and easy to talk to!



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Important Resources For Investors

The website of the Financial Industry Regulatory Association (formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers) is a valuable source of information for investors. FINRA is the self regulatory organization for all stock stock brokerage firms inthe U.S. and oversees the dispute resolution process that all customers of brokerage firms must utilize for legal claims. 

The website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is a helpful source of information about the federal government’s regulation of the securities industry.

The website of the Public Investor Arbitration Bar Association provides a great deal of investor friendly information. PIABA is the only national professional organization of attorneys who practice primarily in the field of representing investors in arbitration before the NASD or the New York Stock Exchange. Graham Law Offices is an official member of PIABA.

The website of the Alliance for Investor Education is a non profit website designed to offer free information to the investing public. The website has a wide array of user friendly pages and links for ordinary investors to increase their knowledge of how to protect their investments.

The website of the Utah State Bar is the official site of the organization that oversees all lawyers in Utah. Jan Graham served as Utah Bar Commissioner before her election as the state’s Attorney General.